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Our VIP Promise to you

Making you happy is our most important priority. We express this through our professionalism, our high standards, and our approach to advising, counselling, and representing you when buying and selling real estate.

More specifically, here is our promise to you:

To represent you at a very high standard. RECO regulates ur industry. We must follow rules, regulations, and a Code of Ethics. These represent a basic level of conduct. We strive to go beyond. We will put your goals and interests before our own. For example, we will tell you to walk away from a potential deal if terms are unfavourable to or not right for you. We are here to serve you and represent YOUR best interests.

To be truthful. It is important for us to gain your trust and respect. We will not tell you what you want to hear, we will tell what you need to hear, even when you do not want to hear it. Only when informed can you make the best decision possible. For example, we will tell you if you are making a mistake. Our goat is to build a fruitful business relationship with you.

To be a tough negotiator. A real estate transaction is confrontational. Buyers and sellers have opposing interests. Even when negotiations get heated, we hold our own and we get the job done. No excuses.

To be available on your terms, which means to respond to you in real time, and when it is convenient for you. We know your time is important to you. We keep our phones on us at all times. Text, email, or call us at anytime. It is important to us that we meet your needs. We are here to act on your terms.

To communicate with you as often as you like. During the time we work together, you might want updates throughout the day or only once a day. We will communicate with you in a consistent manner. We will communicate with you at your desired frequency. For example, we can share with you the latest listings in real time or once a day. We can let you know what is happening in a transaction as it happens, unless you tell us otherwise.

To be hyper discreet with your private information. There is a lot we learn about you when we work with you: your needs, wants, and desired outcomes. You might have to share personal details & sensitive information about you. We respect your privacy. We make sure your private information remains confidential always. More information is available in our privacy policy.