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Downsizing to yorkville

Yorkville has become a popular destination for retirees and empty nesters downsizing from their larger Toronto homes, or for those simply looking for a low maintenance pied-a-terre.

The appeal of Yorkville lies in its wide range of housing options, the variety of shops, services, grocery stores, cafes, restaurants, health clubs and entertainment, all within walking distance, as well as the lure of both charming streets and city views.

Yorkville’s midtown location is also ideally situated in between the Toronto downtown core, Rosedale, Summerhill, the Annex, South Hill, and many more popular Toronto neighbourhoods.

A wide range of housing options

Those looking to downsize to Yorkville will find a wide range of house and building types.

Most housing is located along the charming Hazelton Avenue has many Victorian houses that were built mainly between 1870 and 1895. More recently built low-rise homes are typically townhomes located along many of Yorkville’s smaller streets, such as New St, Bishop St, and Berryman St.

Some townhomes are also appearing at the base of new condominium high rise towers and are therefore condominium townhomes, which have the benefit of living like a house, yet connected to condo amenities and come with lower upkeep and day-to-day maintenance.

Many downsizers will find value in the older boutique condominium buildings, such as the Prince Arthur, which have a larger proportion of bigger units. While sometimes outdated, they can be renovated to appeal to today’s design tastes and personal preferences. They also have the benefit of having larger rooms that can accommodate furniture from larger homes.

For those who are less interested in under going a renovation, you can take solace in the fact that there are newer condominiums that are continuously being built in the Yorkville neighbourhood.

The most expensive and luxurious options include the Four Seasons Private Residences, that will accommodate more modern tastes, and The Hazelton Private Residences, that will appeal to more traditional décor. Both benefit from being connected to a hotel, thereby enjoying many luxuries including valet and other hotel amenities.

Also at the higher end of the market, one will find 36 Hazelton, as well as the three Mizrahi buildings gracing Davenport Rd.  These new boutique mid-rise condos have higher ceilings, luxury finishes, and while builders have tried to include larger units, some units might be considered too small for anyone downsizing from a 5000 +++ square foot home, unless one seeks out the penthouse units.

If you are wanting to customize your own condo that is not yet built, there are some exciting projects that are still in pre-construction and where customizations are possible.

At the more affordable end of this market, there are many high-rise condominiums constantly being proposed and continue to be built in and around Yorkville. These building have a much larger proportion of smaller units and typically come with more amenities than boutique buildings. 

Complimentary Yorkville Consultation

As you plan to downsize to Yorkville, or if you first want to know what it is all about, we would be happy to schedule a consultative tour of Yorkville where we can visit the neighbourhood, view select properties that are for sale, as well as review today’s market trends and property sales data. This consultation will help you determine whether Yorkville is the right move for you, and what housing options might be best. We would be happy to sit down with you at any time.

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