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The Plant Condos: Where Farm Meets Table

Posted by Christine Maureen Crowley on Mar 24, 2017 8:00:00 AM


We are so excited about The Plant Condos! This upcoming new development is by Curated Properties & Windmill Development Group. Here is what we know so far…

The inspiration for this new Toronto condo development is the farm to table movement. This movement promotes the consumption of fresh local foods. Consumers want to know where their food comes from, as well as how their food is grown and handled. They care about organic and sustainable farming practices. They want to know that the animals are free range, and that they have not been given antibiotics and hormones.

The farm to table movement has become well established in Toronto. There are a wide range of 'farm to table' restaurants scattered across the city. There are also no shortage of farmer's markets offering locally grown foods from across Southern Ontario.

But this movement is not just about eating at restaurants that care about where food comes from, or picking up the latest bounty from local farms... In fact, some have taken this urban food movement to the next level. Many Toronto homeowners have their own rooftop and/or backyard urban gardens where they can grow their own food. It is clear the locavore movement is here to stay.

While this lifestyle is well established for some, condominium residents have limited opportunities to take advantage of urban gardening. Condominiums come with many rules and restrictions that often limit the use of common areas, such as rooftop terraces and lawns. Restrictions even exist for exclusive use balconies. So, what is a condo buyer to do to grow their own food?

That is precisely what makes The Plant Condos such a ground-breaking new offering in today's marketplace.

The entire focus of The Plant Condos is 'terrace-to-table' living where you can grow where you live and eat what you grow.

This boutique condo building is in the highly sought-after Queen Street West neighbourhood. Some exciting features, creating a departure from the typical cookie-cutter condo, include:
• wider units to maximize 'nurturing' light;
• angled balconies that encourage balcony gardening;
• more spacious layouts;
• large eat-in kitchens and pantry storage; and
• 2- and 3-storey townhomes where families can live.

There is also emphasis on protections for the environment, such as:
• geo-thermal heating;
• LED lighting;
• low VOC finishes;
• windows with bird-friendly glazing;
• a green roof that encourages birds, insects and butterflies; and
• storm water collection in an on-site cistern for irrigation.

Beyond growing food, The Plant Condos will be a healthy place to live, as plants provide much needed oxygen and help purify the air we breathe. Plants make a space feel more tranquil and pleasant. Plants also provide inspiration, as well as help control air temperature and humidity levels. There are benefits both mentally and emotionally.

Overall, The Plant Condos is an exciting new development that will focus on urban agriculture. It will be an example of self-sustenance and self-reliance, and a place where plants and people live in harmony.

To find out more, and secure your unit, sign up here and we will send you a complete package when the project releases next week. Stay tuned for more info!

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